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Your Safety is Our Investment

CENTRAL ECHO is a subsidiary company of CENTRAL ELECTRICALS LANKA (Pvt) Ltd. Name of the leader in supplying and services of the electrical distribution materials in the past decades.Symbol of quick supply, service and after sales services.

Your Safety is Our Investment

Our Philosophy is to maintain the highest professional standards in our business and investments as we aim to establish long-term relationships with our business partners and clients.We do this with the belief that no sale or profiut is worth the slighest compromise on our credibility and goodwill,further by the representation of leading brands as Hyundai Heavy Industries & Orica Powder Coating as the local sole agents.

We at "Central Echo Engineering (Pvt) Ltd" takes a different approach to managing our business. We believe it's all about creating a great team,starting with our in-house management,sales & markting, production,finance & all departments, to our suppliers & sub-contractors.Most importantly, we always encourage the client at play an active role as a team member.This keeps everyone focused on the real goal, which helps to add value to our end product & to our client.

Your Safety is Our Investment

Identiify the need
Electrify the Requirement
Diversify the Product
Purify the Market.

Your Safety is Our Investment

Central Echo Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is a commercial firm that is committed to safely delivering a quality product on time at a good value.

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